Principles Of Naturopath & Adelaide

Naturopathic medicine aims at encouraging healing through the power of nature. This process is an excellent breakthrough in today’s medical field. There exists a vital force, given the required conditions will self-heal. This force is activated by several factors which promote better health. This medicine acknowledges the ability of the body to heal itself naturally. Let’s find out the main principles of naturopathy.

Treat the whole person

The physical, mental, environmental, and social and many other factors they all affect the entire being of a person either directly or indirectly. In this case, the naturopathic doctors take into account all the measures and treat each person individually. Each person is unique and responds differently in diverse situations. Spiritual health also plays an essential role in a person’s health. The doctors advise the patients to put this into consideration and pursue their spiritual paths for better health.


To live a healthier life a person has to take care of his body with a lot of passion. Healthy living is a challenging task, and so it requires an effort to live happily. They say prevention is better than cure, and I cannot agree any less. Preventive measures can be applied through diverse ways which help the patient. The naturopathic doctors strongly advise one to take precautions on disease prevention, assessment of risk factors and hereditary diseases to prevent illness.


This refers to both the establishment and maintenance of good health and balance. Being healthy is characterised by several factors such as taking positive thought, action and emotion. No matter the illness one is suffering from wellness is inherent in every person. A Person who is aware and has embraced this fact is said to heal quickly upon receiving treatment.

First, do no harm

This principle believes in no damage to the patient. It insists on utilising the least invasive, most natural and less toxic treatments. In this case, it operates under three conditions.

  • To always accept and respect the individuals healing process without using any force the diagnosing and healing process.
  • To make use of medicinal substances and methods which aims at minimising the risk of harmful side effects to the patient
  • To always avoid the deadly suppression of symptoms where possible. Putting all these efforts into consideration, it’s a clear indication of not harming any person through the process of naturopathy.

Doctor as teacher

Here the doctor has the responsibility of viewing each patient visit as an educational opportunity. The act of both educating and supporting a patient on their health management is an essential duty for naturopathic doctors. This process creates a vital doctor-patient relationship by empowering patients to take responsibility for their health being.

Bottom line

In most cases, appropriate interventions are made in partnership with the patient. Alex Fisher Naturopathy argue that optimal health is based on the harmonious functioning of social, environmentally friendly and physical factors. If you want your body to stimulate its healing power, then naturopathy is the road to take.